Solar-powered LED Display

Platform LED Display

Solar-powered LED display is commonly used in road network density areas like expressway, national highway, city road, or urban road, street, airport, dock, station and other traffic locations. Solar-powered LED display, LED panel or LED video wall is a new kind of environmental friendly high-tech product. It absorbs natural wind energy and solar energy to provide power supply for LED display. It can be installed in any area with no need of laying power supply cables. Besides, this type of creative LED screen is very convenient to install and maintain. It will gradually replace the traditional LED display.

Main features
1. Low Investment Cost
Because of small power consumption, this LED display can use cables with smaller diameter. Saving cost of 30% than using common cable wire
2. Energy Saving
Powered by solar energy, it can save energy and protect the environment. One ten-meter large LED screen can save around 5,000USD of electric charge per year.
3. Data Transmission
This creative LED screen uses GPRS/CDMA wireless communication, making data transmission convenient and efficient.
4. Muti-screen Switch
Up to 100 screens can play information cyclically. Multiple screens can be switched.
5. Strong Controllability
Controlled by remote power supply. It can adjust the brightness automatically and display the present time
6. High Stability
Solar-powered LED display can work for ten hours every day and can keep working continuously for three rainy days.
7. Low Maintenance Cost
It solves the problem of cable being stolen and greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

Ph10 single red, Ph25 double color, Ph31.25 double color

Parameter (size can be customized)
Display size: Width×height=2000mmX1000mm
Cabinet pixel composition: 320x32dots, display in 2 colors—red and green.
Pixel pitch: 31.25mm
Working power: ≤180W
Display Function: meet GB5786 requirements
Life span: ≥100,000hours. Other components: MEBF≥30,000 hours
Driving mode: Constant current driving, providing over-current protection.
View distance: Static view distance ≥250M,; dynamic view distance≥210M
Refresh rate: 120HZ. The information displayed can be clearly recognized even when vehicles are running at a high speed.

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