LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light

Because of its long lifespan and environmental protection, LED flexible light strip is widely used for decorative lighting, such as three dimensional light-emitting character, ad light box, automobile tail light, the contour of wall, etc. Since it can be curved and winded into any shape, LED strip light can be made into various patterns. LED tape light is applied in furniture, automobile, ad, lighting, ship and other industries.

LED strip light is made by assembling LED on banded FPC or rigid PCB (printed circuit board). It is named LED strip or tape light because it looks like a strip or tape. Flexible LED light strip is made by adopting FPC as circuit board and assembling with SMD LED, which makes the strip light as thin as a coin. The general length of LED tape light covers 30 cm (18 or 24 LEDs), 50 cm (15, 24 or 30 LEDs), 60 cm, 80 cm, etc.

1. Each LED strip light must have a special plug with transformer.
2. Circuit connection with plastic cover is forbidden. Please take off the transparent plastic cover plate when connect the light. Plastic cover plate can be reset after the light is connected and tested.
3. LED tape light can be placed straightly into light trough or fixed with thin string or iron wire.
4. When exterior or vertical installation is necessary, clip and tail plug must be prepared.
5. LED strip light would have better water resistance if waterproof glass glue is applied outside plug and tail plug after installation.

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Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic Co., LTD (Apexls) has become one of the largest suppliers of flexible LED light strips in China. Our Main products include LED lighting (LED strip light/LED tape light, LED bar, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED tube, LED down light, LED flood light, etc.), LED display (outdoor advertising display, stage background display, football field display, stadium display, traffic guidance display, truck display, message display, billboard display, etc.) and ultra-thin LED power supply.