LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light

Application of LED Lamp, Light, Bulb
1. LED tubes are extensively used at home, workshop, workbench and office in large factory, home, shopping mall and supermarket, underground parking, hospital, school, etc.
2. LED fluorescent tube needs low voltage and current to work, and little heat is produced during working, so it can be applied in dangerous places, such as mines.

Features of LED Lamp, Light, Bulb
1. Firm and Reliable
LED tube is made of PC (Polycarbonates) and aluminum, which makes it pressure resistant and easy for transportation.
2. High Lighting Efficiency
LED fluorescent tube can turn 90% electricity into light and 10% into heat, while common fluorescent light can only turn 20% electricity into light and 80% to heat.
3. Stable Light
1) There is no flash when opening the LED tube and light ray is soft.
2) LED light is driven by DC, so stroboflash will not be caused and long time use will not fatigue user’s eyes. However, common light is driven by AC, which makes flash unavoidable.
3) Gloss of LED light is stable and it will not affected by usage time.
4. Energy Saving
LED tube can save more than 70% electricity. The power of LED light is small, so it is energy efficient.
5. Non-Pollution & Non-Radiative
1) LED light is non-pollution. It contains no harmful material, like Hg, Pb, and so on.
2) The light from LED fluorescent tube is non-radiative, because it does not contain UV or IR.
3) The semiconductor lighting source for LED tube is environmental friendly.
4) The electronic ballast in LED light will not generate electromagnetic interference.
6. Long Service Life
1) Its service life reaches up to 30,000 hours, which is 10 times of traditional fluorescent light.
2) Maintenance for LED tube is almost not necessary, because there is no need for frequent change of light tube and no starter or rectifier is needed.
3) We manufacture LED fluorescent tubes for underground parking application. It can be used for 24 hours a day.

Difference between LED Tube and Traditional Fluorescent Tube
LED tube uses super bright LED white light as lighting source. PC and aluminum alloy are applied to manufacture cover. LED fluorescent tube is the same as traditional fluorescent tube in size: 600 mm, 900mm, 1200mm, etc. It can replace the traditional fluorescent tube directly because they can use the same light holder. LED tube not only has the advantage of strong energy saving but also environmental protection. It is the key product to replace traditional tube light for non-pollution and energy-saving lighting projects.

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