Heave Drum LED Display

Heave Drum LED Display

Indoor Ph4 HD large heave drum LED display has been successfully completed in Beijing Aerospace City. Drum type display screen is based on famous blue and white flower porcelain during the period of Emperor QianLong of Qing Dynasty. Heave drum LED display, with arc-shaped face, is 6 meters high and 4 meters in diameter. This breathtaking LED art, in commemoration of brilliant achievements of China’s manned spacecraft project, represents Chinese astronauts’ persistent efforts.

Main features:

1. Heave drum LED display is a customized creative LED display based on “Green flower holding moon”, providing strong cultural atmosphere and modern beauty;  
2. Display images are clear, as there is no mosaic or shadow ghosting.
3. Heave drum LED display is endowed with high color uniformity, high contrast and high brightness;
3. As a professional drum type display screen manufacturer, we adopt distributed scanning mode and modular design technology with large viewing area, high stability and reliability, as well as easy maintenance.
4. High gray and high refresh rate design: gray level:10-16bits, refresh rate:400-1500HZ, making images with no delay or shadow ghost phenomenon;
5. Heave drum LED display is specially designed for aerospace, science museum, exhibition center, museum, high-rating hotels and large-scale shopping malls, etc.
Up to now, we have accepted orders from casino, shopping mall, bar, disco, exhibition hall, besides it is also be widely used in Museum, Planetarium, Sports Stadium, Airport, Hotel, Railway Station, Children’s Palace, Gymnasium, Lounge or Waiting Hall, Large Open Space, etc.

Technical Specifications of Drum Type Display Screen:



Module resolution


Module Size


Average Power consumption


Maximum Power consumption





Diagram of screen body

Specifications of Heave Drum LED Display:
This patent product can be customized according to different requirement.
You can choose P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8 and P10.
The smallest diameter of it is 1m, above that; you can choose any diameter as you like.




Overall Area(m²)


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Pixel density

62500 pixels/㎡

Pixel Configuration


LED Encapsulation

SMD  2121

LED Chip


Color Temperature(K)


Screen Resolution


Screen Pixels

802816 Pixels

Scanning Method

Constant Current Driver 1/16duty

Refresh Rate(HZ)

800HZ---5000HZ(Depends on driving IC)

Gray Scale

4096---65536(Depends on driving IC)

Optimum Viewing Distance


Horizontal viewing angle

110 degree

Vertical viewing angle

110 degree



Power Input Frequency


Brightness adjustment

100levels auto adjustable or manual adjustable

AC input voltage(V)

110-240V ±10%

DC output voltage(V)


Average Power Consumption

≤0.338 KW/㎡

Maximum Power Consumption

≤0.785 KW/㎡

Working environment


Working Temperature


Working Humidity



≥100000 Hours

Mean Time Between Failure

≥5000 Hours

Defective Dot Rate


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