LED Advertising Machine

Platform LED Display

LED indoor ad player is mainly used in high-end indoor shopping malls, starred hotel, railway station, airport lounges, luxury goods store, business clubs, luxury car 4S stores and other high-end business occasions where ads could be watched directly by businessmen and pass its value fast. The outdoor ad player or bus station LED screen can not only be used on bus station, but also be widely used in various engineering and rental projects. It can play video, text and image, and display various kinds of information synchronously and clearly.

Main Features
1.Apexls offers a wide range of customized platform LED displays for customers. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
2. Our railway platform displays are manufactured to withstand constant vibration and they are both water and dust proof.
3. A range of different character options are available including alphanumeric and graphic displays. Multi-color displays can also be provided with audio capability.
4. With platform LED displays, people can know timely news, weather broadcast, advertisement and other information.
5. Our railway platform display is specifically designed with ease of maintenance and durability.
6. This kind of LED panel not only provides a higher level of service for passengers, but also brings high profit for operators. This LED screen has become a kind of high-tech product integrating science and technology, fashion and investment value.
7. Our company has its own factory with modern production line, thus ensures high quality and cost performance of platform LED displays.
8. We have a perfect service system and provide excellent service for customers.

Indoor Platform LED Display series
High pixel density reproduce true HD image without leaving any pixel behind.
Uniform color, high contrast, strong brightness, no mosaic phenomenon.
Distributed scan mode and modular design make sure its high reliability and stability.
With 10-16bit gray scale and 400HZ-3000HZ refresh rate, the images displayed has no delay or shadow tail.
Whole cabinet design and installation, plus tempered glass mask, no water or dust can get in and damage display effect.

Outdoor Platform LED Display series
Wide View Angle:
Bus station display creates super-wide view angles by adopting SMD technology.
High Definition:
This LED panel shows images vividly by synchronous regulation of screen color and brightness.
High Brightness:
Passengers can easily read the content on the station LED display in the sun.
High Compatibility:
Bus station display supports multi-signal sources, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, DP, etc.
Available mode series:
Ph2.5, Ph3, Ph4, Ph5, Ph6 (indoor high definition series); Ph6, Ph8, Ph10, (outdoor series)

Parameter (Size can be customized)

Specification PH2.5 Gray scale  256-4096
Pixel pitch 2.5mm Refresh rate 400-1500HZ
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B Repetition frequency >60HZ
LED encapsulation SMD2121 Input way VGA+DVI
Scan mode 1/16 scan Display content TV VCD DVD
Brightness  >1500nit Continuous operating time >72 hours
Module average power 22W Screen life span 100,000 hours
Module max power 25W MTBF ≥10,000 hours
DC input voltage 5V Blind dot rate <0.01%
Pixel density 160,000pixels/㎡ Continuous blind dot rate no
View distance 2m Working humidity 10%~60%
Driving method Constant current Working temperature  -35~60℃
Color numbers 17M-69G    
Brightness level 256 levels    

As one of state-level high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic has established long-term cooperation with Japan NICHIA, TOYOTA, American CREE, Taiwan OptoTech, Taiwan Acbel Polytech Inc. and other international well-known enterprise. We possess sophisticated production equipment, advanced testing equipment, leading technology, strict quality management and efficient quality assurance system. Our platform LED displays are exported to United States, South Korea, Ireland, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. They are well received by customers. If you want to buy railway platform displays, please feel free to contact us.