Funnel-shaped LED Display for Basketball Stadium

Funnel-shaped LED Display for Basketball Stadium

The center-hung HD LED display for the stadium is usually used as the scoreboard and technical statistics of the player. When there is a foul on the players or something to confirm, the center-hung HD LED display can playback the video to make reference.
The center-hung HD LED display for the stadium can be composed with several different layers the main screen layer (4 faces), the advertising logo round layer (for stadium name or advertising), the scoreboard or the technical statistics layer etc.
The stadium shape with 4 faces,6 faces or 8 faces or round shaped can ensure the audience sitting every corner to see the center-hung HD .

Application of Funnel-shaped LED Display
The center-hung HD LED display is typically used in basketball stadium. This LED video screen is also broadly used in large-scale gymnasiums, entertainment squares, TV live sites, exhibition venues, commerce centercs, business streets, train stations, etc. Basketball stadium LED display can vividly play items such as text, picture and video and play of clear information can be realized at the same time.

Main Feature
1.Automatic Backup System
Apexls stadium LED displays could utilize two computers to ensure interruption-free display of images and videos. If one unit was to turn off due to technical issues, the other one will automatically act as a backup solution.
2. High Refresh Rate
The refresh rate of our stadium LED screen can reach 4800 Hz. It can display flicker-free video images, including live sports video.
3. Impact Resistance
Stadium LED display adopts specially designed soft module masks, which can offers protection to the unit itself and protect players from injury.
4. Funnel-shaped LED Display of Unique Design
The cabinet is designed with adjustable inclination angle (75°-90°), enabling all the audience to enjoy the display contents.
5. Real-time Performance
Our stadium LED screens use high-effective optical fiber transfer system that is designed to ensure speed update of information and the uniformity of images.
6. Outstanding Performance in All Weather
With IP65 protection grade, our stadium LED displays can be protected away from rain or water damage and work steadily in rain.

Model of Funnel-shaped LED Display:

Environment  Pixel pitch
Main screen P4
Score board and technical statistics Or Round shaped for logo and adverting P8


Type P4 (Main screen) P5 (Main screen)   P8 (score board) P10 (logo circular)
Pixel Pitch 4mm 5mm   8mm 10mm
LED SMD2121 SMD3528   SMD3528 SMD3528
Pixel Density 62500 40000   15625 10000
Scan Mode 1/10 1/8   1/4 1/4
Brightness(nits) 2500 2000   2500 1500
Max. Power Consumption 1100W/M² 950W/M²   750W/M² 490 W/M²
Nor. Power Consumption 550W/M² 425W/M²   420W/M² 245 W/M²
Weight 45kg/㎡ 45kg/㎡   45kg/㎡ 55kg/㎡
Uniformity Uniform brightness, uniformity 1:1.3  
Working temperature -40°C~70°c  
Humidity 25%~95%  
Linkage current < 3mA  
Control way Synchronous with computer(display)  
Refresh frequency 1200Hz  
Grey grade 4096 grade  
Life span 100000 hours  
Continuous failure-free working time 10000hours  
Communication media,control distance Multimode optical fiber<500m,single mode fiber <30km,cat 5 cable <60m  
Software LEDVISION  
Input way Computer and ancillary,PAL/NTSC/SECAM, S-Video;VGA;RGB;Composite Video;SDI etc.  
Display content Video DVD、VCD、TV,Image, Text,Animation and others  
Protection Damp proof、dust proof、anti-corrosion、static free、anti-thunder,with over current, short circuit, over voltage and short voltage function  

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