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LED Landscape Lighting

Application of LED Light, Lamp, Bulb
LED landscape lighting can replace traditional incandescent lamps and energy saving lamps. It can be extensively used for lighting at homes, offices, supermarkets, shopping malls, building, yards, passages, roads, counters, parks, etc.

1. The service life for this kind of LED lamp is no less than 30,000 hours.
2. LED landscape lighting has protection system to prevent from overheating, over current.
3. In addition to white and warm white, there are many other color temperatures to satisfy various requirements in different lighting occasions.
4. It adopts an isolation power of more than 4,000V to assure a safe usage.
5. LED landscape lighting is fast to start without noise.
6. Light from this LED outdoor lighting is stable without blinking. It employs DC current so it can glow stably no matter how much the voltage fluctuates.
7. This type of LED lamp also has the advantages of small light decay and small heat generation, high luminous efficiency and heat dissipation speed.
8. All our LED landscape lightings have passed certification of CE and ROSH.

Features of LED Light, Lamp, Bulb
1. This LED lamp is assembled with imported LED, high quality optical lens, aluminum plating enclosure, etc. It has with sharp spectrum lines, simple structure and innovative style.
2. High power and high brightness light source ensure a high luminance from the LED landscape lighting.
3. After heat dissipation, lamp cup can lead work calories out from high power LED efficiently to improve light efficiency, reduce brightness declines and ensure long lifespan.
4. Small size assures easy transportation and installation.
5. Rigorous and comprehensive multilevel testing enables customers to buy and use with reassurance.
6. This LED outdoor lighting utilizes aluminum radiator and circuit board, so heat dissipation efficiency is high.
7. LED landscape lighting also features energy saving and environment-friendly.

1. When you get the product, please check whether the package is in good condition and instruction book and warranty card are complete.
2. If there is damage of product appearance, please do not use it.
3. Read the instruction book and check if power supply meets the requirement and lamp holder is matching.
4. When installing or removing the light, close all the power supply. Do not twist vigorously or use tools with large torque. Hands should not contact with metal portion of lamp holder.
5. Waterproofing measures should be taken when the LED landscape lighting is installed outdoors.

Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic is one of the earliest high-tech enterprises in LED display industry in China. Our main products cover LED light, lamp, and bulb (LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, and LED landscape lighting), LED display (ball display, outdoor advertising display, stage background display, football field display, stadium display, traffic guidance display, vehicle mounted display, message display, floor display, etc.), and ACBEL ultra thin LED power supply.