• Perimeter LED Display
  • Perimeter LED DisplayThe LED perimeter display for the stadium is used to make advertising for sponsor. For the sponsor, it will be a good way to show your products and brand...

Stadium LED Display (LED Display for Sports)

LED digital display is revolutionizing many traditional media forms, which of course include media tool for sports. Compared with traditional display media, LED display is more vivid in colors and can display more commercial advertisement in versatile play modes. Needless to say, the application of digital media in sports field is a perfect combination for sports industry and commercial business. Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic is good at making Perimeter LED Display and Center Hung-up LED Display, and we are leading the innovation of Sports Display

Main Features of Stadium LED Display
Shenzhen Apexls LED Perimeter Display and Center Hung-up LED Cube are based on a light weight modular system designed for both fixed and rental applications where the modules are placed round the perimeter of the sports field or arena. For outdoor Perimeter screen, we use visual pixel technology to realize better performance of vivid video display. For indoor Hang-up LED cube display, we use SMD 3 in 1 technology, which takes wider viewing angle, higher refresh rate for the sports events broadcasting. Those design makes the content displayed by our LED Displays be captured clearly and fluently by TV cameras for live broadcasts. The two kinds of Sports LED Display are specially designed by our R&D team, perfect PCB design, advanced producing technology, plus high quality components; they can work in any environment for long time without failure. Our Perimeter LED Display and Center Hung-up LED Cube are definitely best choices for owners of football stadium or basketball arena for commercial usage, the profit and revenue brought by our items can make them laugh all the way to the banks.