Inductive LED Display

Inductive LED display is a kind of electronic product combing LED video curtain, asynchronous control and distance sensor. When the sensor senses an object within a certain distance (The distance can be set.), the set words would be shown on the striped LED screen. It is a new, convenient and practical product. Our inductive LED displays can send wireless signals and data. The protection grade is IP65 and it has passed EMC certification.

This striped LED screen is widely used in the entrance of public places such as gas station, bank, office, commercial organization, and so on. When an object is close to it, inductive LED display can play all kinds of user-defined information.

1.This LED video curtain can be tiled or hoisted. It can be used as the main screen or color screen on stage. There are corresponding connection pieces.
2.When inductive LED display is used in high-grade hall, KTV, bar, leisure club and other places of entertainment, it can achieve the waterproof effect and can be cleaned using water directly.
3.This striped LED screen can adapt to all kinds of damp and hot environment. Its working environment temperature ranges from -40℃ to 60 ℃. It can also be installed in squares.
4.Its brightness, waterproof performance and weight bearing ability can completely meet the requirements of outdoor use.
5.At the same time, the mask of inductive LED display uses PC and composite materials having UV protection function. Even it is put in the sun, the display surface will not turn yellow.
6.In addition, through the sensor or infrared technology, it can realize interaction with the audience through the striped LED screen. 
7.Different inductive LED displays can be arranged into various shapes arbitrarily. They can play magic color and high definition video, foil atmosphere and show very good viewing effect.
8.This video curtain is also featured with easy installation, good heat dissipation performance, convenient maintenance, strong shock resistance, clear color, etc. Besides, this striped LED screen can bear the weight of 2 tons.

Dimension of Inductive LED Display

Technical Parameters of Inductive LED Display

Model P7.62 Outdoor/Semi-outdoor Striped Screen
Pixel Pitch 7.62 mm
Overall Size of Striped Screen 1100 mm * 132 mm * 134 mm
Display Size of Striped Screen 602 mm * 45.7 mm
Pixel Density 17222 dots/m2
Color of Luminous Point 1R
LED Encapsulation DIP 546
Resolution Ratio of Module 79*7 dots
Pixel of Display 553
The Best Viewing Distance 1 m to 8 m
Horizontal View Angle 120°
Vertical View Angle 45°
Screen Luminance 2000 cd/m2
Brightness Adjustment Level 100
Drive Mode Constant Current Drive Mode
DC Input Voltage 5 V
Peak Power 15 W
Power Input Voltage 110/220 V 
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Working Temperature Range -20℃ to 60℃
Working Humidity Range 10% to 90% RH (Relative Humidity)
Font Size 53.3 mm * 38.1 mm
Transmission Mode RF Wireless Data Transmission (Radio Frequency)
Control Mode Asynchronous Control
Max. Life Span of Screen Body 100,000 hours
Normal Service Life ≥ 20000 hours
Average Error-free Time ≥ 5000 hours

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