Energy Saving LED Display

Platform LED Display

Energy saving LED display uses high efficiency and energy saving LED lamp bead, Taiwan Acbel high efficiency and energy saving power supply, high efficiency drive chip and independent design circuit. All of these make this high-end LED display save more power or electricity, save operating cost, reduce maintenance cost, make it more stable, prolong its service life and get small lumen depreciation. 
50 square meters of energy saving LED displays can save energy of 75000 kW per year and 459,600 kW within six years. If it is calculated according to 1.3 yuan /degree of commercial power or industrial electricity, this type of LED video display, screen, or panel could save 597480.00 yuan in six years. The money saved during the six years can be spent to buy a new LED display.

Competitive Advantages
1. Energy saving LED display enjoys the advantages of brilliant coloration, fast response, wonderful displaying performance, high stability, long life span and energy saving.
2. Power consumption of this LED video display, screen, or panel is largely reduced thanks to the following energy-saving elements: low voltage and constant current integrated circuit, power-saving LEDs with high brightness, ultra-slim drive power supply with high power factor, special design of control circuit, etc.
3. Energy saving LED display employs downward inclination angle design in order to avoid shining directly on the building, viaduct and residential area. This special design can not only avoid light pollution, but also offer effective viewing angle for audience.
4. This LED video display, screen, or panel is compatible with a variety of signal input, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, and so forth.
5. We make use of professional packaging method to protect energy saving LED displays.

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