Sport Perimeter LED Display

Sport Perimeter LED Display

Sport perimeter LED displays, also known as perimeter advertising boards, are giant banner displays that are very wide in width and short in height. This kind of stadium LED screen shows continuous advertising message across the entire perimeter of a sport field inside a stadium. Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic can customize sport perimeter LED displays according to special application demands of stadium.

Application of Stadium LED Video Curtain
Stadium LED screen is widely used in the football field, basketball stadium, swimming center, playground, and so on.

The sport perimeter LED display has several advantages and are very suitable for stadiums. The most important ones are as follows:
1. Our stadium LED screens are convenient to install and disassemble.
2. This LED video curtain is available in several heights and pixel pitches.
3. This product is designed with multiple input and specialized software that will show images in any length of the perimeter of stadium or sport field. It gives full control and a multiple input to provide more and better solutions for the sponsors.
4. The surface of sport perimeter LED displays are made of soft and flexible materials which is impact resistant, waterproof and safe for all kind of games and projectiles which could harm the display.
5. The brackets of stadium LED screens are adjustable on angle. Gradient of the perimeter display can be changed easily according the viewers’ viewing angle. With such a super wide viewing angle, it increases the amount of spectators, and also multiple advertisements can be showed at once.
6. Sport perimeter LED displays are connected with the referee system and timing and scoring system. It can realize real-time play of game time and score.
7. Our stadium LED screens can realize slow-motion replay and form the basis for the referee to make right decisions. This can maintain the fairness and justice of games and reduce unnecessary conflicts.

As one of state-level high-tech enterprises, Apexls has established long-term cooperation with Japan NICHIA, TOYOTA, American CREE, Taiwan OptoTech, Taiwan Acbel Polytech Inc. and other international well-known enterprise. We possess sophisticated production equipment, advanced testing equipment, leading technology, strict quality management and efficient quality assurance system. Our sport perimeter LED displays or LED video curtains are exported to United States, South Korea, Ireland, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. They are well received by customers. If you want to buy stadium LED screens, please feel free to contact us.