LED Strip Curtain Display

LED Strip Curtain Display

LED strip curtain display or LED panel is a kind of light, thin and transparent LED display. It is often used for building stage background and creating dazzle color and vivid effect. Customers can see it far away because this LED screen has bigger pixel spacing or pixel pitch and high cost performance.

Performance of LED Video Curtain
1. Light Weight
Each piece of LED strip curtain display is between 6. 5 and 10 kg. One person can easily pick it up. It is very convenient for assembling.
2. Low wind-resistance:
This kind of LED display is designed with strip pixel structure, making its strip permeability range from 35% to 65%. It can resist the force of 12 level gale.
3. High Protection
LED strip curtain display or LED panel can work well outdoors in any harsh weather with IP65 protection grade.
4. Fast Installation
The hoisting and splicing installation methods ensure LED displays in good flatness and enable it to be installed and dismantled quickly.
5. Convenient Maintenance
LED strip curtain display can be removed and replaced individually. And the quick maintenance and replacement of lamp and power supply can be finished within only 10 minutes.
6. High Transmittance of Light
Transmittance of light can reach more than 50%.

1. This type of LED display or LED panel is featured with bright color, fast response speed, good display effect, high reliability, long service life, high installation precision, environmental protection and energy saving.
2. The size of LED strip curtain display can be adjusted.
3. It is compatible with a variety of signal input, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, and so forth.
4. The LED video curtain screen is designed with high grey level (grayscale) and high refresh rate. The grey level is more than 4096 and the refresh rate is over 800 Hz. All these makes the LED display show images without any delay and ghosting phenomenon.

Technical Parameters of LED Strip Curtain Display

Model PH50.125
Pixel Pitch 50.125 mm
Pixel Composition 4R3G3B
Pixel Density 160 pixels/m2
LED Encapsulation DIP 346
Scanning Mode Static Scanning
Screen Luminance ≥ 2000 nit
Average Power of Single Cabinet 28 W
Maximum Power of Single Cabinet 64 W
Service Environment Indoor
Total Resolution Ratio 8 × 32
Cabinet Size 1000 mm × 1600 mm
Refresh Rate 800 Hz to 10000 Hz (It differs depending on driver chips.)
Grayscale/Grey Level 4096-65536 (It differs depending on driver chips.)
AC Input Voltage 110-240V ±10%
Power Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Brightness Adjustment Level Grade 100 Automatic or Manual Adjustment
Color Temperature 3200 K-9500 K (Adjustable)
Working Temperature Range -20℃ to 60℃
Working Humidity Range 10% to 90%
Normal Service Life ≥ 100000 hours
Average Error-free Time ≥ 5000 hours
Malfunction Dot Rate < 0.0001


System, Power Supply Connection Diagram

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