High Definition LED Display

High Definition LED Display

Distinguishing Features
1. Good Vision Effect
Adopting nonlinear correction technology, high definition LED display can display clearer image and stronger hierarchical effect.
2. Strong Adaptability
Apexls Company researches and develops high definition LED video display, screen, panel, and curtain with improved adaptability and reliability under outdoor poor environment.
3. Colorful Presentation
High definition LED display can show dynamic images featuring colorful display, high saturation, high resolution and high display frequency.
4. Strong Reliability
This LED screen uses various scanning and modular design technology, contributing to higher reliability and stability. It supports a variety of display modes.
5. Easy Operation
High definition LED display adopts general media player software, making the system operation easier.

High definition LED video display, screen, panel, and curtain are widely used in traffic industry, power industry, water industry, security industry, military conference system, urban management and broadcasting and TV industry. It can vividly play items such as video, image-text and both of them.

Size of High Definition LED Display

Successful Project
P4 Indoor High Definition Full Color LED Screen in Macao Grand Emperor Hotel

Place Grand Emperor Hotel, Macao, China Area 33.23 m2
Model P4 Indoor High Definition LED Display Industry Hotel, Advertising
Environment Indoor Time May, 2011
Feature Apexls provides the P4 indoor high definition full color led screen in Macao Grand Emperor Hotel. Its area reaches 33.23 square meters

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