Floor LED Display

Floor LED Display

Floor LED display is widely applied to the auto show, stage high-grade hall, KTV, bar, leisure club, square, science and technology museum, and so on. Because of its excellent display and durability, LED floor tile has become an essential ground decoration product used for television stages, hotels, entertainment places, and so on. Our company is able to supply customized floor LED displays according to customers’ specific requirements.

1. This kind of LED panel adopts modular design structure.
2. Apexls LED floor tiles realize seamless connection between modules.
3. This product possesses strong load bearing capacity with 1.5 tons per square meter.
4. Our floor LED displays are easy to install and dismantle.
5. It can realize different backgrounds.
6. A large scale of LED floor tiles can function as wonderful stage.

Main Features
1. It is waterproofs that we can use water to clean it directly.
2. Floor LED displays have strong vibration resistance. People can jump on them arbitrarily.
3. This LED panel can be put in sun and the display surface will not turn yellow.
4. Our LED floor tiles are also featured with beautiful and generous appearance, high definition, high brightness, good heat dissipation, easy installation, and so forth.
5. It can be used for several functions. When it is tiled, it can be used as color tile. When it is hoisted, floor LED display can be used as main screen or color screen on stage.
6. Through software design and control system, our LED floor tiles can meet the users’ other requirements.

Apexls is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED screens and LED panels in China. In addition to floor LED display, we are also capable of supplying sphere LED display, cubic LED display, flexible LED display, cylinder LED display, pop can LED display, advertising LED display, brushed aluminum cabinet, die-casting aluminum cabinet, curtain LED display, outdoor curtain LED display, circular LED screen and high definition LED display. Our ED floor tiles have passed CE, ROHS, FCC and 3C certifications. If you have interest in our floor LED displays, please feel free to contact us.