Brushed Aluminum Cabinet LED Display

Brushed Aluminum Cabinet LED Display

LED brushed aluminum cabinet, also known as brushed aluminum LED display is a P8 LED display with brushed aluminum cabinet. This LED display cabinet has the advantages of lower weight, faster assembly and disassembly, as well as higher precision of cabinets’ connection. Compared with die-casting aluminum cabinet, LED brushed aluminum cabinet costs lower.

Application Areas
1. Brushed aluminum LED display can be used for outdoor advertising, digital billboards or advertising in big companies.
2. This LED display cabinet is suitable for use in sports halls, fields, playgrounds, etc.
3. Brushed aluminum cabinet can be applied in airports, bus stations and railway passenger terminals.
4. It can be used for facades of shopping malls, department stores, banks and car dealerships.
5. Brushed aluminum LED display is widely used in architecture and social projects, information systems in cities, and so on.
6. This type of LED display cabinet can be utilized in show-business, concerts, festivals, motor shows and other public events.

1. High Toughness
The cabinet body is made of brushed aluminum featuring high strength, high tenacity and high precision. Brushed aluminum LED display is not easy to deform, which is convenient for transportation.
2. High Precision
Electromechanical processing makes the dimension precision up to 0.1 mm.
3. Good Compatibility
LED display cabinet is designed with new structure, which can meet the requirements of hoisting and piling up, and meet the indoor and outdoor requirements.
4. Convenience
The cabinet adopts fast locking mechanism to connect. It only takes 10 seconds to complete installing a brushed aluminum LED display. The installation precision is high.
5. Good Heat Dissipation
It uses brushed aluminum box with reasonable structure, resulting in good heat dissipation effect.
6. Beautiful Appearance
Brushed aluminum is flexible and makes the LED display cabinet beautiful and generous.
7. Light Weight
Brushed aluminum LED display is 20 kg per square, which saves the cost of transportation.

Technical Parameters

Model PH8
Pixel Pitch 8 mm
Pixel Composition 1R1G1B
Pixel Density 15625 pixels/m2
LED Encapsulation SMD 3528
Scanning Mode 1/10 (The ratio of lines that are lightened simultaneously in a fixed area with lines in the whole area)
Screen Luminance ≥ 1000 nit
Average Power of Single Cabinet 62 W
Maximum Power of Single Cabinet 140 W
Service Environment Indoor
Total Resolution Ratio 80 × 80
Overall Size 640 mm × 640 mm
Total Area 16 m2
Refresh Rate 600 Hz to 3000 Hz (It differs depending on driver chips.)
Grayscale/Grey Level 4096-65536 (It differs depending on driver chips.)
AC Input Voltage 110-240V ±10%
Power Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Brightness Adjustment Level Grade 100 Automatic or Manual Adjustment
Color Temperature 3200 K-9500 K (Adjustable)
Working Temperature Range -20℃ to 60℃
Working Humidity Range 10% to 90%
Normal Service Life ≥ 100000 hours
Average Error-free Time ≥ 5000 hours
Malfunction Dot Rate < 0.0001

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